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Let Me Paint You A Picture: How to Commission Your Own Piece of Art

Welcome to an exciting decision making process.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you earn your living, choosing to commission a personalised piece of art is always a uniquely exhilarating life experience.

How many people do you know who’ve ever done such a thing?

But here you are now, eager to dive into the vibrancy of it all; so welcome.

Please allow me to walk you through the process, as it’s sure to differ slightly with every artist.

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real - Pablo Picasso

What I’d like you to do for me please is to immerse yourself in the beautiful depths of your imagination, just as I do when I’m creating, so that we may connect on the same wavelength. This moves us closer towards a mutual understanding of what can be real.

Perhaps you have already been inspired by a piece of my art but would love to personalise it somehow for your own exclusive needs. This is fine. Equally, you may have a mental picture of something you’d like me to translate onto canvas, or into clay. This also is fine. Let’s create.

Creativity Takes Courage - Henri Matisse

Imagine for me please how you would like your piece of art to look. What shapes and colours do you see? What shapes and colours do you feel? Don’t worry about the ‘how’ because that’s my job, all I need from you is the ‘what’.

Do you have any preferences in respect of media; namely watercolours, acrylic, pastels or sketches etc? How about the size of the piece: would you like me to freely express my creativity, or would you prefer a specified size of canvas, for a specified space it’s to eventually sit?

Now visualising your finished piece, where will it hang? Or if it’s a ceramic piece, where will it sit? Are they to be standalone pieces, or would you like to commission a collection?

Can you feel the environment in which these pieces will reside? Can you hear the sounds all around, which they will absorb once in situ? Will your pieces add value to the aesthetic of their surroundings and gladden a low mood after a difficult day? Or will they inspire and energise your waking eyes?

Will they be placed in a property close to the sea, or a thorough woodland; with the fresh scents of nature suffusing the rising sun and the setting moon? Alternatively, will these be dynamic urban pieces, positively throbbing with humanity and enterprise;created to inspire peace or elicit energy?

What will be going on around this artwork once it has been created for you? What foods will be tasted, what enjoyment will be partaken, and which emotions will be bathing you by possessing such unique exclusivity forevermore?

Art Is Something That Makes You Breathe A Different Kind of Happiness, Anni Albers

A guide to my commission prices can be found here then I would like to invite you to contact me to arrange a visit to the private sanctuary of my studio (either physically or virtually), to partner in the conception and birth of your creations. You will understand my processes, my workspace and philosophies.

You will also be invited to witness the signing of each piece, wherever possible, to celebrate your new life.

I look forward to meeting you and beginning the process of creativity!

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others - Salvador Dali

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