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Wave Goodbye

“Oh here we go, another post about climate change” I hear you cry, but wait a minute.......... What if I told you that, your house could be worth 45% less and you can’t do anything about it!!

Have I got your attention now?

Our mindless consumption of goods and our thoughtless behaviours have led to the planet getting warmer, this melts the ice caps, which in turn has led to sea levels rising. When sea levels rise, they take back land and this is leading to devastating consequences not only around the U.K but also across the world.

What’s this got to do with my house value, I hear you cry, watch below and all will be revealed.......

Rising Seas is my most recent ceramic collection and is in direct response to the threat posed by continuing sea level rises. My aim is to raise awareness of how our behaviours have a direct impact on the environment and how we all need to take responsibility and make REAL changes to our everyday way of life, so that we can continue to preserve our beautiful coastline.

And for more information on what you can do to stop climate change, check out this great blog article from Friends of the Earth

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