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Blast from the Past

My creative side first emerged when I was 7, after watching the wedding of the Duke & Duchess of York. I spent hours sitting on the floor, sketching my dream wedding dress. This sparked a passion for fashion, which I followed into higher education at the London College of Fashion, graduating in 2005.

So now, although my creative side is heavily inspired by nature, on the odd occasion, fashion can still spark my fire!!

Whilst spending time with my family over the weekend, I was cajoled into watching the Netflix series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and swoosh, creativity ignited, by the costumes worn by a character called ‘The Handler’.

Hats off to the costume team, the outfits worn by this character are fabulous and have almost tempted me to get out the old sewing machine. I say almost because I’ve got to continue watching, the whole of the series to see what other fantastic treats are in store.

See you on the other side!!

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